Friday, October 10, 2008

One Reason Why Black People Don't Get Into Hockey So Much

I'm embarrassed to call myself a Flyers fan when I have to link to something like this.

Your second favorite Philadelphian after yours truly does a great job explaining who the owner of the Flyers is and why he might be interested in helping Sarah Palin.

You know what? Screw hockey anyway, alls I care about is my fightin' Phils.

Baseball is the true American pastime, please recall the reaction when George W. tossed out the first pitch for the Nationals this year:


Leigh C. said...

Aaaah, Palin needs to have her vagina revoked, anyhow.

And, yes, baseball is the shit...guess, if Nails Dykstra had to end up anyplace after his hijinks with the Mets, Philly wasn't too bad...

E said...

He was so perfect for Philly, they don't make ball players like him too often anymore. I forgive his steroid use.

The amazing thing about The Dude is that he's become a stock market guru with absolutely no financial education. He's made millions playing the market and is now a frequent guest on those weird yelling stock shows.

He's some sort of savant. If you told me that Lenny Dykstra had just written a book about the blending of Hindu and Muslim culture in India, I'd probably believe it.