Friday, October 10, 2008

The New OPSB

Leigh breaks down the T-P's profile of the new OPSB we just elected.

I'm not particularly enthused, myself. I support the right to collective bargaining and believe it should be restored immediately. I agree that it needs to be easier to fire ineffective teachers, but that's something that will likely result from negotiation. Teachers need to be able to work together to obtain the salaries and benefits they deserve as the backbone of our community and they need to be able to protect themselves from administrative witch hunts that often result from unwelcome whistle-blowing.

I believe that Woody Koppel is the worst of the bunch and am so ticked off that district 6 voters chose him over the extremely qualified Percy Marchand, who has been informed, engaged, and willing to take brave stands throughout this whole master plan process. Big mistake, district six. Big mistake.

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Leigh C. said...

I just think that they're at least saying the right things so far and observing the lay of the land, which is that the teachers' union in these parts has been so corrupt for so long, and that there does need to be a balance between the open enrollment and the charters.

In all honesty, it will probably take another generation or two for people in these parts to see that unions ain't all big and bad, and that, to ensure continuity in the teaching methods of the people who are working with the kids from year to year, some sort of concessions have to be made to keep teachers, not make them into scapegoats.

A large part of the problem is still the fact that things have been down for so long in terms of the public education here that any change is looking good. People need to take a closer look at what that change really entails, but it ain't easy to do.