Thursday, October 16, 2008

For Better or Worse, It's Almost Entirely About Looks

The debates are about how the candidates interact with each other and how they try to relate with the viewing audience. What people saw was a cool customer that seems to try to explain his positions and an angry old man who had to grip on to a Sharpie because his hands shake if left to their own devices.

McCain lost every debate badly because visual perception and interpretation is what determines the winner or loser - not the substance. McCain looked contemptuous and angry while also appearing not to believe some of the words coming out of his own mouth. Every joke he attempted to make, every snicker he tried to elicit fell flat. Whether it's his robotic hand gestures, his insincerity, his refusal to make eye contact in the first debate, his aimless wandering of the set during the second debate, or his palpable disrespect for an opponent largely attempting to be agreeable, John McCain lost support in all three debates even though people try to argue about "points."

These were the visual cues the public perceived.
Visual cues have a greater impact than the verbalized answers. John McCain looks angry, erratic, out-of-touch, and insincere.

He looks old as hell and he acts old as hell.

Forget leading a nation, I don't feel comfortable with John McCain behind the wheel of a Buick.


Pistolette said...

Wow, I think the left has pretty much broken every rule of decency and tolerance they've ever preached, including the idea that it's wrong to discriminate against old people based on stereotypes, or call a woman in power a cunt just because you don't agree with her. Yay progress...ives.

E said...

I'm a person that thinks John McCain's visual cues demonstrate signs of aging that represent major red flags to the electorate and to reasonable people that have seen how the process of aging can reduce one's ability to serve in high-pressure, high-demand work environments. Before this arduous campaign began more than two years ago, McCain was spry and enthusiastic - he seemed more than capable. Now, he seems worn down. I don't think anybody would argue against that point.

Sorry if the Buick joke offended you.

E said...

What c word reference are you making?

The only thing I can think of is the time John McCain went on a tirade and called his wife that word.

Pistolette said...

E, what does that have to do with Obama supporters discarding their principles and calling Palin sexist and profane names? If McCain really said that then he's a jerk too (and I'm not voting for him anyway, btw). Are you saying two wrongs make a right? That we should all go out and call every woman we disagree with a stupid whore? What exactly is your logic here?

E said...

No Pistolette, I'm just not sure what sexism you're talking about. Have people been calling Palin the c-word? I have not seen reports of that. Send me a link.

If people are being sexist toward Sarah Palin, that's obviously wrong.

Pistolette said...

As per your request on my blog, here is some of the material online referring to Sarah Palin as a "c*nt"...

These are Obama staffers at an event wearing the "Sarah Palin is a C*nt" t-shirt. ABC News.

Here's the photo of the t-shirt going around. If you do a google search for [sarah palin c*nt] you'll find several entries on blogs by liberals calling her this word. Luckily, I could not find the equivalent insult t-shirt for Barack Obama which would be "Barack Obama is a N*gger". To me, this is a sad indication that Americans are more comfortable being sexist than racist, when they should be comfortable with neither.

E said...

Wow that's disgusting. Thanks for the link.