Sunday, October 05, 2008


I'll try to feel better tomorrow but I'll also try to explain why these elections mattered.

I guess I should have done that before.


Leigh C. said...


Hang in there.

cjnola said...

don't be sad at least not about the DA's race. Not yet anyway. i know you have doubts but I have been trying to change things in criminal justice for 17 years now and I finally see a light. Cannizzaro is the light, you will be proud to have him as your DA. he will implement a great Diversionary program that will keep low level offenders out of jail while getting help at the same time. He will ensure that economic status will not equate to whther you get out on bond or not. he cares about this city and its people so much. Don't believe the negative stuff Capitelli puts out. he's simply trying to buy the DA's office the way he has bought evrything else. Now if capitelli wins then you should not just be sad, but move away.