Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Angry and Desperate: The Real John McCain

John McCain knows he's falling fast in the polls and has been a hindrance to the bailout bill so he's working overtime, more or less begging the public, the media, and members of his own party to listen to him. The campaign is free-falling right now, unable to stay on message long enough to to massage the media narrative.

Thus the John McCain we're getting on the campaign trail right now is an unfiltered John McCain, an off the cuff John McCain. He's improvising out there and has taken a much more angry and confrontational tone over the last 24-48 hours. But it's not str8 talk McCain up there, it's this contentious and bitter old man I've never really seen before.

And he seems to be doing a media blitz with this attitude. Here he is defending his campaign's assertion that Barack Obama supports teaching sex to kindergarten students:

He was also on NPR this morning giving an interview in which he defended the sex ed lie once more.

While we can see very plainly that his campaign is disorganized and panicking, perhaps it's also beginning to appear that the man himself is losing his bearings under the immense pressure of the financial crisis.


Scott said...

That hardened line will play better with Republicans. That said, if he delivers this same rhetoric in a debate Obama should be able to smack him down thus:

"John, by that standard you've on the sidelines for 26 years pushing for less oversight and less regulation. The leadership of you and your colleagues has led us into this mess in the first place"

E said...

Unfortunately, it isn't very clear in the video I posted of that speech in Ohio but the real key there is McCain's body language: the wink, the sarcastic sneer, the stupid air quotes. He looks robotic and angry and weird.

My point was about the hardening of this demeanor not of his rhetoric.