Saturday, September 06, 2008

What Does That Biden Guy Bring To The Ticket Anyway?

On the campaign trail only this kind of stuff:

That's at an event in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, which is in the Philadelphia Metro Area. Because much of the state of Delaware is in Philadelphia's expansive media market, if you live anywhere in Southeastern Pennsylvania and have paid any attention to the news over the last 30 years, you know Joe Biden and you probably like his attitude too. For instance, my parents were Biden supporters before they were Obama supporters. My dad - who I still catch mumbling about Reagan - hasn't been this excited about a Democratic nominee since, well...

I heard lots of Goopers talking about how Sarah Palin would help in Pennsylvania but everyone should just forget all that.

Pennsylvania will be voting for Barack Obama just as it voted for Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004. That it is still considered a swing state by the mainstream press is almost amusing. When you look at the recent voting history in statewide elections (replacing Ridge with Rendell, replacing Santorum with Casey), the effectiveness of progressive reform efforts within the Democratic Party, demographic changes in the Philadelphia suburbs, and the seismic shift toward the Democrats in the state legislature, the Republicans would be wise to move on.

The last poll that showed McCain in the lead in Pennsylvania was one taken in April, just days after the contentious Democratic primary. Since then, every poll has yielded a lead for Barack Obama, many of them comfortably outside the margin of error.

So to recap:

Biden is the man and is going to give us great stuff on the campaign trail. He's going to help in Pennsylvania not just because he has roots in Scranton and gets media coverage in Philly but also because his speech patterns and, above all, attytood will always make him something of a darling native son.

Pennsylvania will be voting for Barack Obama by a very comfortable margin over John McCain and probably would have regardless of Joe Biden's role on the campaign trail.

For whatever reason, many prognosticators still consider Pennsylvania to be up for grabs.

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