Friday, September 12, 2008

Turning Point?

Palin's answers to Charlie Gibson's softballs were not vague in any cute or folksy kind of way. Instead, she came off as woefully unprepared and uninformed. There's really no silver lining; the McCain camp squandered a great deal of political capital in setting preconditions for this interview and isolated Palin for days from the media to help her prepare but she performed miserably.

Obama is out with two very strong new ads, one raises touches on how out of touch John McCain is with modern times and the other is an extremely positive ad that confronts the GOP's claim that they can be change too.

Meanwhile, McCain's latest ad is another grotesque race-baiter, inaccurately portraying Sarah Palin as a victim of fabricated viciousness on the part of Obama and Biden, using a female voice over to derisively call Senator Obama "disrespectful," you know in an uppity kind of way. Uppity meaning presumptuous or something. They've crossed some lines this week with this ad and with the one about teaching sex to kindergartners.

(See all three ads together here)

Elsewhere, John McCain is finally being forced to defend his choice by reporters in unlikely places. A local Maine TV reporter asked John McCain if Sarah Palin has any experience in the field of national security. Senator McCain paused awkwardly and then said "energy."

Then this morning on the VIEW of all places, John McCain was put on the spot repeatedly and did not fair well at all. I especially recommend McCain's dance around pointed questioning of what exactly Sarah Palin was going to reform in Washington, given who has been in power. In his answer, McCain LIES, falsely claiming that Sarah Palin has not requested earmarks as Governor of Alaska. In another critical segment, the girls confront John McCain on his campaign's recent attack ads, bringing up the ridiculous pigstick controversy and the lies about Obama's sex-ed legislation. They questioned whether or not McCain really approved of these things and he indeed does. This is a critical development because so many pundits this week have expressed their disbelief that John McCain actually approves of the negativity coming out of his own campaign. If you watch the clip, John McCain clearly stands by the ads even after the Walters and Co. reminded him that his campaign's claims are patently false in many instances.

Thus, a very encouraging day so far. The McCain camp's inappropriate and unjustifiable demands for deference from the press may have paid off earlier in the week but the viciousness and blatancy of the lies put forth and the refusal to address them when called out ultimately seems to have pushed the media to a relative breaking point. No more free passes on Palin's qualifications for office and no more free passes on the repetition of blatant falsehoods on the stump and in attack ads.

I still think the best course of action for the Obama campaign is to continue to avoid addressing Sarah Palin directly. She is still going to evoke the strong sympathies many and will still be put forth by the McCain camp as a victim of the media and of viciousness from Obama in manner that will create some wiggle room for McCain to dishonorably continue to push the envelope with racial imagery. Besides, it is John McCain that should be forced to answer for his own judgment, policies, and platform. And because it is impossible to ignore Sarah Palin's increasingly apparent unfitness, it is John McCain that should be forced to answer for his decision to bring her on the ticket and for the lies and character smears his campaign continues to propagate.

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MAD said...

No doubt the choice of an electoral dud like Biden as VP nominee had everything to do with
providing cover for Obama's lack of foreign policy credentials and qualifications.
Maybe the pot should not be calling the kettle black.