Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sleaze Season

The McCain camp's latest ad is horrendous. It straight-up lies about Barack Obama's record on sex-ed, soberly telling Americans that he wants to teach your kindergartner about sex before he or she even learns to read.

Notice that behemoth news organization McClatchy actually enhances their objectivity by calling the ad precisely what it is: "wrong" and "deliberately misleading."

And of course there couldn't possibly be any racial element when the McCain camp maliciously sexualizes Barack Obama with a blatant lie and attempts to use that lie as proof that Obama is wrong for "your family."

In terms of dishonesty, I have to say that this ad easily surpasses that which was used to short-circuit Harold Ford's bid for the Senate from Tennessee in 2006. That ad is now universally accepted in the mainstream press as having been intentionally racial, though reporters were much more cautious about saying so when the ad was running. I wonder how the mainstream press takes this one.

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