Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Round Up

- The only televised forum for the District 02 Congressional race will be put forth by the NBC affiliate, WDSU, which was candidate Helena Moreno's employer only months ago.

I wonder if they'll ask her anything substantive. She is totally unqualified for this seat. I hope people get a chance to see that firsthand.

It's ridiculous for WDSU to host this forum. Does no one understand 'conflict of interest?'

- Orleans Parish School Board member Jimmy Fahrenholtz, the lame duck from district 3, no-showed last Thursday's OPSB master plan hearing. He is not engaged enough to vote on the master plan and should recuse himself and assist in efforts to postpone a vote on any binding resolution until after he is replaced. A lot of people say that Jimmy is a good guy. If he's reasonable and you know him, give him a call and tell him he's wrong on the master plan and shirking the most basic responsibilities of his office.

It is especially frustrating because Mid City, which is in Fahrenholtz's OPSB district, is really getting the short end of the stick with the master plan. That Jimmy won't even go through the motions of attending hearings and asking questions is an insult.

- Please, please, please contribute to the comments section here. Help develop cogent criticisms of the facilities master plan. An opposition consensus must coalesce now, please lend your support.


adrastos said...

I wouldn't sweat the WDSU-Moreno thing. She wasn't exactly the best liked person at the station and people were pissed over some of the comments she made when she left.

E said...

You know, you may be right. I've heard she was pretty unpopular over there.

But WDSU will still lob plenty of softballs her way, just as they will to every other candidate.

The time is coming to pick someone. The threat of a Moreno-Jefferson runoff is very serious to me. I am not particularly enthused about any particular alternative but if it takes a clothespin vote to avoid a Moreno-Jefferson runoff, so be it.