Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OPSB Candidate Forum

Last night, I attended the Urban League and League of Women Voters forum for candidates running for Orleans Parish School Board.

Briefly, it was SHOCKING how few of the candidates had taken the time to consider the school facilities master plan. In fact, it was embarrassing. I wish I hadn't forgotten my recorder.

At one point, a seemingly perpetual candidate for District 02, Dr. Dwight McKenna volunteered something like "I'm not familiar with that particular plan."

To which I had to cover my mouth from screaming, "in what respect, Charlie?"

I'll have much more on this later, or maybe tomorrow. I've been a negligent blogger this week - I've been busy not cramming for the GREs, which I'm hoping to do poorly on tomorrow.

With grammar and redundant word choice like that, what could go wrong?

Anyway, please continue consider this post the feature of the week. Please add thoughts on the master plan or on the linguistics of opposition. Help develop talking points or something.


Leigh C. said...

You'll do fine on the GRE. You will.

Adrastos said...

McKenna is a former school board Prez who went to jail on non-OPSB related tax charges.