Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All Pigstick All Day

I worked my service industry job during the day today and it was slow so I got to watch a whole lot of MSNBC. I was treated to an entire day of this stupid back and forth over the lipstick pig comment. It's a funny thing, this controversy, because the media actually seems to be accurately portraying the fracas as an intentional misinterpretation of the remarks on the part of the McCain campaign to avoid discussing policy. But the media kept on leading every hour with 'lipstick politics.' Chris Mathews, who absolutely demolished the McCain camp on this and expressed utter frustration that it's even being covered nonetheless still devoted two whole segments to it. Even NPR talked about it.

So even though the media fairly vetted both sides in the controversy, they were still doing the bidding of the McCain campaign by making this thing the top story all day long. The McCain camp didn't much care that the media was largely debunking their claims because the focus stayed on the Palin personality and off of the repulsive policies of the GOP.

And unfortunately, the Obama campaign chose to play defense on this controversy all day. Barack Obama even responded personally. He did so effectively, tying this distraction to all the failed discourses of past election years, but he was still in response-mode.

Playing armchair campaign consultant, I would have recommended, once it became clear during the mid-morning that the McCain camp was effectively making this pigstick comment an all-day affair, that the Obama campaign craft a simple press release. In it, I would have spelled out all the criticisms that Senator Obama outlined in the video above but also that the campaign considered the matter closed and would not be issuing any more statements on the matter. Campaign representatives and talking heads would then have grounds to completely pivot away from responding to this bullsh*t to remind viewers about the detailed policy proposals that Senator Obama outlined in Denver.

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