Wednesday, August 27, 2008

They Pit Us Against Each Other

I hate this Gustav b.s.

I worked a day shift at a service industry job uptown and the tension is very in your face. Everyone is discussing this storm and what their evacuation plans.

At more rational moments, everyone agreed that it is too early to tell if this storm truly threatens us.

Yet, at other moments, people came in and reported that Walmart was running out of drinking water and that hotel reservations were becoming scarce.

So though I was content to wait for more accurate hurricane forecasts, given that this thing won't even be in the Gulf until the weekend, I was helplessly compelled to buy my own supply of potable water as soon as I left work. And then I gave my car a full tank of gas.

Everyone understands that our levies are structurally unstable. Everyone understands that our pumping stations are worthless. Nobody has faith in any level of government to provide anything to anyone. You have to go get it yourself and this inherently turns you into a competitor with your neighbor for basic survival necessities: gas, water, canned food, batteries, ice, etc.

It makes me sick to my stomach.

I mean everyone is friendly with each other and it's not like there have been fistfights in the water aisle of the grocery store - but there's a fear in the air and I didn't expect it to be so ubiquitous. Nobody came into the restaurant today. The street was silent.

This sucks.


Leigh C. said...

Yep. Welcome to hell.

I wish it were more cooperative, certainly, but the unpredictability of the movement and development of these storms kicks this off and then it snowballs from there.

Can't we pleeze freeze the waters of the Gulf? Anyone? Hello?

Carmen said...

Even before 2005, when there was a storm threat that was considered "severe", crazy-driving (like, against traffic laws) into gas stations and a run on the basics was the norm. Those storms that didn't hit us - and I never evacuated before Katrina - still caused shutdowns of grocery stores, banks, etc., due personnel issues, so you pretty much had to prepare early.

The panic is at a new high, but some of the behaviors are fairly typical for a hurricane zone.

Varg said...

It's a frenzy. But folks should be calmer. Perhaps it's because the city and even the region after Ivan, Rita and Katrina is shell shocked. But it helps to have those of us with cooler heads to say: "It's not predicted to be a monster, it has a lot of time to turn, the forecasts are gradually moving east, the storm has a huge island to navigate, systems are moving all around the Gulf, shears are effecting the strength. There are more variable supporting it not hitting us than otherwise."

But then, who can blame us for losing our shit? Hundreds of bodies were floating in the damn streets and old ladies were drowned in their attics.

GentillyGirl said...

Darlin' folks are just skeered right now, and I can't blame them.

Right now I'm still moving into the fortress and stocking the place up. Just ordered 30 gallons of distilled water from Kentwood (this means I have 50 gals. total) I will make mucho groceries tomorrow night.

Take to heart what Varg wrote as I was writing here- this is not the Deathstar heading through the Gulf. We are looking at a possible 20% chance of getting Gustav in our laps. I see it heading to the Panhandle of Florida or Mobile.

For myself, I'm staying no matter what comes. Ya's can take refuge with us.

Carmen said...

Hey, look! It's Christmastime, according to this blog:

charlotte said...

Is this your first hurricane season? This is the way it is here when a storm is entering the Gulf. People have to vent and will vent. We're all in this together and preparation is important. Try not to look at it as competition. It's not. It's survival, pure and simple.
Good luck whatever happens and wherever you may end up.

Ella said...

the citizens are prepping for this. when do I get to hear about the government getting their things in order. it may not hit here, but it will hit somewhere.

E said...

I'm hearing that there will be a mandatory evacuation called for as early as tomorrow morning.