Friday, August 22, 2008

Pickled Brain Shipment Wrecks On Mississippi

The American Zombie has been FEASTING!

The corpse is on an absolute roll.

First, let's post this uncomfortably responsible clip from Jim Cramer, otherwise known, as the most annoying man on television.

When I used to own a television and when I used to have roommates, sometimes the person with the remote would flip over the CNBC, which for whatever reason was always playing Cramer's Mad Money program. It would be a showdown between roommates on the couch. How long could we listen to this guy's shrill voice and see him bouncing up and down on the television screen like a jackass before somebody freaked out and begged for a channel change? I swear to you nobody ever got past 3 minutes.

Second, and much more important, you've got to go get with the Zombie on this Entergy nonsense. What a disgusting and vile corporation. Energy policy will be a huge challenge for our next Mayor.

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