Thursday, August 07, 2008

Nagin Caves to Council, Shows Up For Hearing with Waffling Answers in Hand

Mayor Nagin's sham internal audit of the NOAH program has discovered "discrepancies" with 46 properties on the city's secret billing list.

Let's be frank: that's bullshit.

Anyway, here's some the Mayor's cowardly responses to some Council questions:

"Given the relationships that exist between NOAH and the city, I think it is somewhat less than credible for the city to do its own internal investigations, especially when others are willing to take this on right now," Fielkow said.

The mayor, however, said "Nothing that we're doing is impeding any other investigation."

When pressed by City Councilman James Carter on whether city employees conducting the internal probe could be subject to investigation themselves, Nagin said:

"I would not know that. I don't think that's correct. I don't know where this investigation is going."

If the Mayor's curious where the investigation's going, he might want to learn how to google. He can also expect some phone calls from the national press shortly. I would hope that he has something nice to say about his citizens.


Civitch said...

Was it just me, or was Ray Ray drunk? He certainly was slurring his words.

Of course, even if he'd been speaking clearly, nothing he said would have made any sense. It was non-responsive gobbledy-gook.

Shame on the council members who sat silently while this circus played out. You represent US and you need to remember that. We will.

lois lane said...

C Ray always sounds as if he's got half a ham sandwich in his mouth. A great orator he is not.
I sure hope the FBI steps in, and that the investigation leads right to the second floor of the utterly inept City Hall.