Monday, August 04, 2008

Is it the Heat or the Humidity?

This tropical storm doesn't make me nervous, it looks like it's gonna go west of us. Besides, I have 68% confidence that our half-finished category 3 levees made of paper would withstand a measly tropical storm.

What makes me nervous is that this tropical storm formed in the Gulf of Mexico very very quickly. Meteorologists haven't been watching Edouard slowly crawl across the Atlantic, he just kind of showed up right in our backyard. When the Gulf is already so warm on August 1st that it is able to manufacture it's own hurricanes, we're really going to have to keep an eye out as the water temperature will continue to rise into October.

I think the solution here is more off-shore drilling.


Leigh C. said...

It's the stupidity. The stupid emanating from this place is enough to conjure up enough hot air to feed the formation of any major storms in the Gulf. Where the storms will go after that, however, is anybody's guess, just as it always has been.

Delta said...