Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday Night Penthouse Blogging: Power, Money, Cocaine, and Vehicular Homicide

The Mayor's award for excellence in recovery is coming at a very high price, it would seem. Do you think, when this ridiculous emperor-has-no-clothes event was being planned, that was envisioned as anything other than a PR opportunity for Mayor? While certainly there was some degree of enthusiasm for a glitzy party in any form, the Mayor's people clearly thought that an award for excellence would only serve to bolster his sagging credentials.

Who knew that people would react so strongly to the Mayor receiving an award for excellence in recovery? I thought he was doing a great job.

There's an awful lot of blogging going on for a rainy Saturday.

American Zombie says with some authority that party organizer Bernardo Wade spend a good portion of the late '90s peddling cocaine to performers at House of Blues and sexually harassing the staff there.

He also helps us recall that this man went after $100,000 in taxpayer funds to take his photo exhibit of the Mayor on a tour of American cities.

We also have some interesting comments at Clancy Dubos' latest column. Party host Stuart Juneau, who actually owns the penthouse above the Ritz where the event is to be held, killed a police officer on I-10 with his car and got off with a careless driving ticket. (I can't understand how you don't at least get hit for reckless driving)

Wow, right?

Those are some pretty sensational details, I know.

They ain't even coming from me.


In the new world of New Orleans media, you can't just throw a party for yourself and have the paper cover it like a legitimate award. Now, you can't even throw a party for yourself and deflect resulting media ridicule in the instances where people become outraged.

People are right on top of this story, finding skeletons that beg questions far beyond any Stewart Juneau and Bernardo Wade had been prepared to answer.

It's a small town; we have sources, yo.

Mayor Nagin's people, Bernardo Wade, Stuart Juneau and those knowing members of the Excellence in Recovery Host Committee certainly have stirred up a lot of shit for themselves, haven't they?

And all they wanted to do was have a sexy power party at the penthouse above the Ritz.


Carmen said...

Best. Mayor. Ever. Already three men today who are applauding his leadership from the other side:

I don't want to read one more rationalization how the lack of leadership isn't his fault. He's the MAYOR. He's ABSENT and our people are DYING. He's absent in his head if not his body. Can't ask what he's doing, that's a threat if you question his schedule. Doesn't know a damned thing about what is happening in City Hall by his claims, is not working with the kids in danger (I see James Carter just about everywhere at some point) and then has the arrogance to claim to the T-P that THE COMMUNITY is planning to present him with an award.

Here's your community, mayor. We don't think you deserve shit.

If I were with the Ritz, I'd proactively sue Juneau and this committee to ensure their GOOD name is not used on any of the photography sites, not even as in "penthouse located atop the Ritz", or for any media outlets. This is not a private house on St. Charles; the boys with Nagin picked the Ritz so the event appears more legitimate when the wires carry it. Suing is the only way to ensure no editing will take out the separation between Juneau and the hotel.

judyb said...

Kudo's to all of the nola blogsphere for not letting this go by the wayside. It's too disgusting.

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