Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can we Confirm

Which three councilpersons have been subpoenaed?


Anonymous said...

Since charges of obstruction of justice might be leveled, I think you'd agree it's Head, Midura, and Fielkow -- the ones who have the most to say about Nagin's uncooperativeness. The two useless Cynthias are part of the same machine, Clarkson thinks she's running a yearbook operation, and Carter hasn't taken a noteworthy stance other than to stand with Nagin in press conferences (suspicious, no?). That's my guess. Or do you think evidence is being gathered for different charges?

Civitch said...

Hadn't thought about obstruction of justice. How delish. "The list that counts" might have so much more meaning than Ray Ray ever conceived of.

E said...

I actually am not necessarily sure it's just Head, Midura, and Fielkow.

Head I think is a lock.

You don't think there'd be a subpoena for Cynthia Willard Lewis? Her brother is a NOAH contractor and maybe there's some other relationship with someone on her staff.