Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bizarro World: The Excellence in Recovery Host Committee

Hope you can see the image clearly.
(Updated to bolder copy, also click the list to see it crystal clear.)

"This event is not paid for with public funds."

That's of great comfort to all of us.

I'm hearing it's $500 per head to get in. If it's true, I have no idea where that money's going to.

(Initial break via Suspect Device, KoT)


Party host Stuart Juneau denies that the party is $500 a head but cannot describe what the "excellence in recovery committee" is. If it does not cost anything to get in, then we should ask who is paying for the party.


Anyone else feel funny about seeing 'Stiletto Vodka' being listed as a restaurant? You know, given that it's booze and not a restaurant. It's 'super premium.' This seems like an awfully lavish party.


I've noticed that Gordon Russell has been reading up. No hat tip to Mr. Allman for all the legwork he did at the Gambit? Not cool, brah.


oyster said...

Jacki Clarkson is the co-chair, huh?

She'll have some 'splainin to do.

jeffrey said...

Chef Paul! Nooooooooooo!

Leigh C. said...

Dear God, it's like a who's who of who was least affected by 8-29. Their very own dinner of delusion.

Can we pipe in some sort of laughing gas or truth serum and record 'em making all kinds of statements about what is really going on?

Anonymous said...

so many sellouts
so little time

Civitch said...

They'll all have to walk through the lobby to get to the event. That's where the Krewe of Pies should lay in wait.


Fucking Cock suckers. I hope they all choke on a chicken bone.

Especially that little sycophant piece of shit Benardo.

alli said...

father jacques? what the hell?

i'll be asking some questions.

Anonymous said...

Given the fact that Nagin's NOAH can't account for houses they worked on or contractors they paid, I'd be willing to bet that the majority of the "sponsors" listed had no idea they were involved in this.

Do the right thing, Clarence...RESIGN!

New Orleans Ladder said...

Pie'tilla say ok dangerous folk, it would be cheaper and easier to go get a couple of cases of Hubig Pies over at the bakery on Dauphin. Wholesale at probably .25-.30 ea?

That way too, no body be questioning the ingredients, if you get my homelandly insecurity drift ahem.

And who doesn't love a Hubigs Chocolate Pie?

Marée croissante longtemps de phase trois!


Editilla said...

Ian said...

Wasn't Stiletto Vodka the only hard booze at White Linen?

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