Monday, July 07, 2008

What do you NOAH?

Still waiting for an acknowledgment of my public records request from NOAH.

In the mean time, Karen has discovered another property that NOAH failed to gut.

It is clear there are many properties that NOAH claims to have gutted that were not.

A preliminary inquiry into political contributions of some of listed directors of the contractors profiled here has not yielded anything particularly earth-shattering on the municipal level.

Just two interesting things to note immediately. First, Wade Verges of W. T. Verges Construction Company, one of the few contractors in good standing with the state, gave $2500 to Mayor Nagin in 2007, while he was pretending to consider thinking about losing a race for governor. I regard all donations to Mr. Nagin after the election of 2006 with suspicion on principal.

The second note may be just a coincidence but I'm just going to post it since it's publicly available. It relates to General Contracting Company Inc, another of the few groups in good standing. The listed directors, Dwight and Joe Richard provide an address on the 6800 block of Mayo Blvd. This struck me as notable because according to the address provided in his 2006 campaign donation to the Mayor, Alvin Richard, of the infamous Richard's Disposal lives on the same exact block, a few doors down.

(Alvin and Dwight appear together here in a court filing on behalf of what is presumably another family member - scroll down to 2004-C-1521 under writ applications denied)

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Civitch said...

Please email your public records request and information on the lack of response to Councilman Fielkow.

At a meeting of the Governmental Affairs committee today, city attorney Penya Moses-Fields stated that, of the 257 public records requests submitted to the city since January, all but 10 have been handled.

I find that rather difficult to believe.