Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So NOAH What?

Is there anything NOAH can do now after this incredible must-see Lee Zurik report?

We paid to service a property owned by Warren Riley.

We have homeowner confirmation of NOAH falsifying records for numerous properties that were in fact gutted by homeowners themselves or by volunteer groups and not the contractors that were paid to do the work.

It's real.

And City Council needs to lead.

This scandal demands more than the outrage of one or two. City Council must work together to move this investigation forward as a united front. Already we are seeing the rumblings of a desperation defense. I believe this is purely an administrative strategy and not a reflection of the sentiments of my neighbors and I feel obligated to share some thoughts.

When it came time for Ray Nagin to knock down the public housing stock of this city in accordance with the wishes of Alphonso Jackson, City Council failed to recognize the more imminent need for a sensible housing policy and stubbornly refused to delay immediate demolition for the purposes of mere common sense fact-finding, yet was somehow then able to present a united front. Then, there was no problem turning a collective blind eye to the city's ongoing affordable housing crisis. That demolition vote went 7-0.

Now that we are witnessing a scandal that increasingly appears to have all the makings of a federal probe, we are faced with the possibility that some on our Council may not have the guts to call it what it is. If individuals on Council do not show backbone in investigating this scandal in full, abolishing NOAH and holding rule-breakers accountable in-house, we're likely in for a much worse circus than that which embarrassed so many of us last Wednesday. I refuse to believe that City Council can't muster the seven, six, or even five votes necessary to empower a full public investigation of NOAH and its enablers.

If the Ray Nagin administration or any agencies under the Mayor's purview decide to make a desperate attempt deflect the real issue at hand by playing the very same race card that the Nagin administration has had revoked for time and again adopting policy positions directly counter to the interests of black and poor New Orleanians, it will be up to Council to weather the temper tantrum and recognize the diminished power of his dwindling base of support.

Concerned New Orleanians should begin calling and writing members of Council, those from their district and those from beyond, to tell them to fully investigate the NOAH scandal and to forcefully denounce distasteful tactics of desperation.


Anonymous said...

We should also bombard this office


Civitch said...


Are we living in a George Orwell novel? How else to describe an administration that consistently asks its citizens NOT to believe that which they can clearly observe, and instead insists that they accept contorted and contradictory information that comes out in dribs and drabs?