Friday, July 25, 2008

Sitemeter Referring URL of the Day

I know I've made an impact when...


Civitch said... is back up, and BETTER THAN EVER! It's new and improved!

E said...

I KNOW! I hear now they've got a Tetris widget and a twitter account.

Civitch said...

Well the "about NOAH" part is revised to the point where the only thing they DON'T claim to do is change your oil. Who knew that "affordable homeownership" included job training, literacy, activities for at-risk youth, and generally improving the quality of life in Orleans Parish?!?! I mean, damn, why not give them the entire city budget, since their new mission statement/treatise makes it sound like they're here to cure all our ills?

Please tell me you have a screen shot of the earlier version of this site.

p.s. for all their efforts, they've still got Stacey Jackson listed as Executive Director. Oooops!

Civitch said...

Also, Tonya Durden, now acting Executive Director, is/was the Executive Assistant. Is she close to qualified to be serving in this capacity, even temporarily? Could we see her resume?

Also, during the hearing, Ed Shanklin read the names of the board members, and one of them was Santrice Dial. Yet on the NOAH website, it appears that Ms. Dial is also on staff, as a Special Project Coordinator. In the non-profit world, board members are generally prohibited from being employed by the organization. But I guess NOAH has decided it's a special case.

E said...

Can you reproduce the names of the board members here?

I don't have an old screen shot, unfortunately. That's something I should have done.

Civitch said...

Spellings may not be accurate - got this from the verbal list provided to the Recovery Committee.

Ed Shanklin, board president
Greg Rattler
Tonya Bernard
Bob Brown
Shantrice Dial, board secretary

Also, Shantrice and Stacey are somehow in the furnishing business together..... Isn't that special???