Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NOAH Explosion: Late Night Addition

HUD, the FBI, and New Orleans' inspector general have all opened up investigations into NOAH.

WWLTV will report this later.

It would also appear that the Mayor will attempt to claim to have invited the investigations as a champion of transparency. That's brilliant politics and was clearly the best option available to him. It's a bold-faced lie though. You only have to watch him denounce the initial reports as biased, inaccurate, and damaging to the city's recovery efforts to know that.


WWL did report it! An ultimately friendly NOAH employee told me today that we bloggers were nothing but "shit starters."

I told him I liked that.

How do I get a widget that will allow fans of this blog to buy me pairs of bamboo boxers?

This investigation is a healthy development for the city. We were not better off not knowing. Changing the political culture of this city won't be easy but it is not impossible. Think about what you can do armed with only a strategically worded google search.


jazman said...

So how does this jive with DangerBlond's comments left yesterday at The Rude Pundit:

"We aren't any more ashamed of our politicians than we are of yours."

You all take care of your own back yard first before ya tell us how corrupt we northerners are...

Kevin Allman said...

I'm not Dangerblond, but it "jives" with the fact that Sen. Ted Stevens from Alaska was indicted today; that the mayor of Detroit makes our mayor look like a Quaker; and that among all the idiots and creeps we've put into office, none of them were Rick Santorum, Jean Schmidt, Jesse Helms, Randy Cunningham, Tom DeLay, Rick Renzi, Larry Craig, Bob Ney, Eliot Spitzer, Michelle Bachman, and on and on and on.

We've got bums representing us -- a lot of bums -- but we sure don't have the bum market cornered.

E said...

Jazman, that's a deceptive and destructive discourse.

We're trying to improve our representatives and so are many other communities throughout the nation.

Civitch said...

The one aspect of this that we haven't discussed is the very nature of NOAH and other such "non-profits" created by the city, funded by the city, and controlled by the city to do work that the city would otherwise do. I'd love to know the rationale for their existence.

My guess is that this tactic emerged during previous administrations, but subsequent ones found it a convenient way to dole out/stash/get kickbacks from pals and friends installed in those groups. And I'm sure they claimed, as Morial did about the African-American Museum, that being separate agencies would allow these groups to go after private grants (which they never do).

I hope Cerasoli's looking into this.

E said...

Robert Cerasoli and the Inspector General's office has indeed opened an investigation.

jeffrey said...

Okay this title I like.

RhettsWife said...

Ordinary people in these extraordinary times must and can make a difference. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the bloggers started the shit. NOAH did that. The bloggers are merely stirring up the putrid mess.

Riveting Insight said...

I think the title of "shit starter" should be worn as a badge of honor. Especially when it comes from the thieving trash at NOAH.