Tuesday, July 08, 2008

We Have All Assembled Here Because We've Got To Get That Obama

On Howard Wolfson, super senior Clinton strategist joining the Fox-News-team:

"He's got an insider's knowledge of how campaigns work and sometimes don't work," said John Moody, executive vp news editorial at Fox News. Wolfson couldn't be reached for comment.

Wolfson is one of a number of high-profile political figures the channel has hired in recent months for its election programming, including Karl Rove, former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and Clinton adviser Lanny Davis.

"We really think we've got the chess board covered," Moody said.

Fox News pretty unabashedly proclaiming Wolfson, Huckabee, Davis, and Rove to be pawns in their global chess game.

But Wolfson, Davis, Huckabee, and Rove are not so nice to see in HD.

What I'm saying is that they haven't exactly been brought into fold to look good and read the damn news.

They're big-time power brokers and they've all decided to congregate under one roof.

This is a lot like the plot of Tomorrow Never Dies.

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