Monday, May 26, 2008

The Swing of Social Networks

From the Washington Post:

[A] growing body of evidence is suggesting that traditional social networks play a surprisingly powerful and underrecognized role in influencing how people behave.

Taken together, these studies and others are fueling a growing recognition that many behaviors are swayed by social networks in ways that have not been fully understood. And it may be possible, the researchers say, to harness the power of these networks for many purposes, such as encouraging safe sex, getting more people to exercise or even fighting crime.

This sounds awfully familiar to me . . . these . . . how do you say. . . social networks.

We know a thing or two about social networks in New Orleans.

Certain people know a thing or two about "harnessing their power," come to think of it.

The difference is that the social networks don't seem to have been harnessed to encourage safe 'doing it,' exercise, or crime-fighting.

I've noticed a certain social network harnessing it's power to work collectively on their own 18 hole handicap.

To be less obtuse, I've noticed a certain social network harnessing it's power to exploit social networks of ordinary working neighbors to benefit social networks of ultra-wealthy exclusive community "neighbors."

Or even more bluntly, I've noticed wealthy socially elite African Americans taking advantage of poor African Americans to benefit rich socially elite racist white people.


This blogosphere is a social network. What should we harness our power for?

Group pilates session? Anyone?

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