Thursday, May 08, 2008

OMG and Then I Did A Keg Stand and Then I Like Became a Republican

When I went to Tulane, there was not a student there that couldn't tell you some despicable story about the PIKE fraternity. Allegations of date rape were rampant, even if they did not always go reported to the authorities. They're not the only fraternity with a bad reputation either.

I once heard that one frat forced pledges raise puppies and then kill them by putting them in pillowcases and slamming them against the wall, like what the Hitler youth were forced to do in Nazi Germany. The punishment was that they were suspended from campus organizations or something.

I've also heard incredible stories about the fraternity scene's role in the drug trade. Maybe it's not obvious, but there's a lot of cocaine and prescription drug use amongst the college students here. (It's a party town.)

The PIKE house on Broadway and Freret should be demolished as an IHT. Was that one of the homes used as a staging ground for criminals that Warren Riley identified for immediate demolition the other day?

Probably not.

A lot of people I meet in town hate Tulane students. I don't blame them.

They benefit from an incredible double standard and don't even realize it.

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