Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hard Faught, But It's Time To Concede

Hillary Clinton, you should concede the nomination.

You have until tomorrow morning.

You have to realize that there's no honorable way to victory and you're going to tear this Party apart if you keep going. We cannot have it. You will hand this country to the Republicans again by doing this. It means nothing that you poll well against McCain right now, the election is months from now. You can't win the nomination.

It can only get ugly from here, Senator.

Save the Party, save the country. Do the right thing.

We must elect Barack Obama over John McCain this fall.


jeffrey said...

Hillary has canceled all of her morning media appearances tomorrow. She heard the hosts may be armed with stakes.

E said...

How might the Clinton campaign get that impression?

Puddinhead said...

McCain over Obama, 53%-47%. Sadly.

E said...

Yes. That poll is totally accurate.

Bill Clinton ran third behind Bush and Perot in June of '92.

Don't be ridiculous Puddinhead.