Monday, May 19, 2008

Any Basic Credibility?

The most credible Congressional advocate for the City of New Orleans is running for reelection as he awaits trial for corruption and bribery charges.

I've been privately wondering what brave progressive soul would step up to challenge him.

With a Democrat hopefully taking the Presidency in November, it is expected that the recovery of our fair city will finally receive some positive federal attention. If there is to be any hope that some of that money addresses real problems, we will need a local congressional delegation capable of expressing the needs to our community.

Clearly, we do not have that now.

Oyster and Jeffrey have posts up right now that describe the current state of the race.

It ain't pretty.

Part of the problem is that the seat in question encompasses separate parishes with separate demographics and sometimes divergent political concerns. Frankly, there is open hatred between geographic voting blocs within this poorly drawn district. It is so asinine for one man or woman to represent the area because you pretty much have to spit on one voting bloc or the other to get elected. Regardless of the political ideologies, in America, your congressional representative is supposed to represent the concerns of your district on a basic level. That cannot happen in Louisiana's 2nd as it is currently drawn.

Oyster speculates that if State Senator Cheryl Gray were to run against Mr. Jefferson, West Bank voters would vote for a blatantly corrupt alternative just to spite Orleans Parish liberals and implies that State Senator Gray's campaign would be D.O.A. as a result.

Maybe I'm naive but I think that Cheryl Gray would win if she decided to run. I hope that she does decide to run. I'd rather become disillusioned while fighting for a positive candidacy that faces dirty, racially polarizing resistance than just grudgingly voting for a sleaze like Byron Lee just to finally get rid of Bill Jefferson.

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oyster said...

I'd never say that Cheryl Gray would be D.O.A., but she couldn't count on the support of the W. Bank. It's too early to predict until we see the entire field. As we saw with Shepherd's candidacy-- having the W. Bank is not enough.