Friday, April 25, 2008

McCain and the Trail of Tears

McCain was here in New Orleans yesterday on just one stop of a national tour designed to make him appear as though he isn't totally clueless about the reach of poverty in America.

It's a campaign tactic perfect for the Television Age of Politics:

Step 1: Show up near poor people.

Step - Well really there's only one step. The rest relies on the media to come on down and be "objective" in their coverage.

And the media will never fail you. They'll come take pretty pictures of you kissing babies and delivering speeches and ask their pundits how much the tour is helping your campaign.

Never mind that you haven't changed your policies. Looking at the broken promises of the Lower Ninth Ward did nothing. You didn't fact-find. This wasn't a listening tour. It was a farce.

John McCain wants to cut taxes for the super wealthy and for corporations. He wants government to do less to help ordinary Americans. That is his domestic agenda and that is the overarching philosophy of the Republican Party. He doesn't hide it either.

He stood there in the rubble of our city and explain to us that his strategy for boosting our lagging economy is to help create growth for the corporate elite of America - to extend the damage done by the Bush administration.

DSB Nola has been all over McCain and Hagee.

And so has Adrastos.

He also posted a sweet video showing the differences between McCain's words and McCain's actions related to Hurricane Katrina and the Crescent City:


McCain said yesterday about New Orleans:

“That is why we need to go back is to have a conversation about what to do -rebuild it, tear it down, you know, whatever it is,” he said.

I thought that this was interesting for a couple of reasons. Obviously it is an outrage and an insult. See what Alan said in the link above.

But I also thought of it relative to how our own local government has treated the recovery process.

"Rebuild it, tear it down, you know, whatever it is."

In this city, "rebuilding" is "tearing down."

How can we expect the federal government to aid our rebuilding process when our local government seems to be just as interested in tearing things down as our national enemies?

Seriously, think about that.

If a Democratic candidate for President called up our local officials and asked them what the city needed, what kind of answer would he or she get?

That's scary.

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