Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reverse Racism and the Race in PA

The best take on the Geraldine Ferraro comments comes from Dick Polman of Philadelphia.

I agree with him.

Ferraro's comments touch a bad place in American society. I don't appreciate her sentiments one bit.


Jay said...

Yes, nobody seems to like what Ferraro said because the truth hurts. It was common knowledge from day one. Nobody would be paying any attention to the guy if he was white, because he isn't saying anything new. What candidate doesn't want change. Wake up everybody he's doing a snow job on everyone and we're all going along with it.

E said...

Yes. Black people get every advantage in our society. Barack Obama has been handed everything that he has on a silver platter.

"Nobody would be paying any attention to the guy if he was white."

Because white politicians get lost in the shuffle? White politicians struggle to get heard in America?

Give me a break.

You're point has absolutely no merit. I urge you to reconsider what you're saying.