Friday, February 08, 2008

Who Should The Democrats of SE Louisiana Support?

According to the Times-Picayune, there are a lot of undecideds amongst our elected officials.

Just who will William Jefferson Jefferson decide to support?

Rep. William Jefferson Jefferson is a superdelegate, his endorsement lies in a briefcase buried in his backyard.

What might convince him to wake up before his wife to go dig it up and place it under the mailbox at an undisclosed location?

What could Mr. Jefferson possibly need to hear from Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama in order to lock up his nomination vote this summer?

Because certainly, an open endorsement from Mr. Jefferson is counterproductive to one's campaign hopes. Maybe that's less certain here, but it would certainly look bad everywhere else.

Mr. Jefferson's support is worth more than a public opinion boost. This felon-elect actually has power in the convention process.


And Mr. Nagin, our venerable mayor, he's an undecided too!

In an e-mail, Nagin said he is "waiting to see what their specific platforms are relative to supporting the full recovery of New Orleans." So far, Nagin said, he has heard pieces, but not their "whole plans."

Good call, Mr. Mayor. You wouldn't want to just support somebody that only has a vague idea as to how to fix things around here. You want somebody that is competent and accessible. You wouldn't want anyone that can't perform basic functions or anyone that disappears from the public eye randomly and without explanation. I mean, we're looking for someone that supports the full recovery of the city!

I'm sure your celly is ringing all day and all night as intermediaries of the Presidential hopefuls try to get in touch with you to court your influential backing...


Of course both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are well aware of the negative implications of being endorsed by Mayor Nagin...

...How hilarious and sad would it be if Mr. Nagin endorsed one of the candidates only to have that person hastily arrange a press conference to denounce the Mayor.

Do you think Barack Obama has to tell the Mayor of Omaha not to show up at one of his campaign events?

Or maybe the Mayor's just looking for an endorsement of his own. He's a dreamer, remember?

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