Saturday, February 09, 2008


Obama sweeps!

Washington, Nebraska, and right here in Louisiana!

I like to think that my canvassing on behalf of Mr. Obama swung the tide in New Orleans precincts. Barack Obama won 75% of the vote here in Orleans Parish. That's a pretty substantial blowout, no?

Rep. William Jefferson Jefferson received 126 votes for the Presidency.
Nice to see he's looking forward to his next job and not over his shoulder where progressive Democrats are poised to have him electorally embarrassed if he's not already sitting in prison.

His speech tonight had some really compelling pieces to it.

Barack Obama's campaign in November will feature a candidate actually looking forward to representing the values of what once was the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton cannot make the same arguments because of her centrist Senate record. Check out the whole thing:

Tomorrow is Maine.

Tuesday is D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.


Locally, there has been a moderately successful insurgent takeover of some local Democratic Party apparatus offices. The Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee and Democratic State Central Committee are receiving some fresh blood.

I'm still not exactly sure what those committees are supposed to do but I recommend they get to work on winning this state for the Democratic nominee in November. Turnout in recent elections has been extremely disheartening. When I'm Mayor, I'm going to complain about turnout and vote. I'm a change candidate too. Our citizen participation snowflakes are going to become snowballs this summer. It ain't even an oxymoron.

Results from Orleans Parish!

Congratulations to the bloggers, neighborhood activists, and local representatives that have made the cut. Special shout outs to Cheryl Gray, Karen Gadbois, Kimberly Marshall, Ed McGinnis, Walt Leger, Deborah Langhoff and the District A trio, Natasha Hutchinson, and all you other heroes, we'll know who you are because we'll be watching.

Reform-minded bloggers Oyster and Michael Homan fell disappointingly short.

Oyster's fear of germs prevented him from attending the campaign events I had planned for him. Oh well, this just sets him up to get Cheryl Gray's State Senate seat which she will vacate to defeat William "Freezer Bank" Jefferson. (Don't answer me now, just form an exploratory committee. We can raise money by throwing a pizza party!)

Michael Homan apparently overly courted the Elvis lobby too close to election day. I mean you have to get your base out to the polls but most voters get turned off by that kind of pandering.

Beautiful weather out there today everybody.

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