Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Comitted Electorate

There's this story out of Texas. Burnt Orange gets chills.

More than 1,000 Prairie View A&M University students and supporters marched seven miles to the polls on Tuesday to protest the lack of an early voting place on campus for the March 4 election.

Students, local leaders, civil rights activists and elected officials walked from the campus to the Waller County Courthouse in Hempstead carrying "Register to Vote" signs. The majority wore black shirts with the slogan, "It is 2008. We will vote!"

Following After the march, some students stood in a long line to cast their ballots on the first day of early voting, while others filled out new voter registration cards in a building across from the courthouse. Early voting ended at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, and some waited for five hours to vote.

Freshman Brittney Veasey, who was voting for the first time, said she took the 2 1/2 -hour journey because she believes her vote will make a difference.

Crooks and Liars picked it up

I love stories like this. In the face of an obvious ploy to suppress the vote, these young people stood up for their rights and showed that they will not be cowed. Republicans should be worried, because this is a committed electorate.


This IS a committed electorate.

Damn this talk of a cult, you just thought that Barack Obama was a pop culture trend. You thought he would crash and burn. It's just his personality, young people don't know anything about politics - they don't even vote.

Check it out:

They're voting!
They know their rights!

Or enough do. Enough know their rights and follow what's going on.

We know how to use internet tools to organize vast amounts of our peers in a matter of hours.
We know how to use internet tools to find alternative media sources.
We know hot to use internet tools to become alternative media sources.
[Right here! High-five!]

Shoot. Watch out Republicans. Here comes a committed electorate.

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