Thursday, January 03, 2008

We Did It



Hillary in third.

(cue balloons, confetti)

We Called It Right at We Could Be Famous!!!!!

And we been called that sh*t for like a long time. Everyone knows this.

America, you have your new number one pundit.

Put me on CNN! (behind a desk, not in front of a mace can)

I just wish I had thought more about Fred Thompson's appeal among the large segment of Republican voters that just pick the "folksiest" candidate and call it a day.

However, let's talk about the bottom line:

M to the E I'm talking about ME.

Me and my predictions are sleeping well tonight. Plus I called that Green Wave victory over LSU in men's basketball. Plus a couple of weeks ago I had a dream about an ex girlfriend that I hadn't seen in over a year and then I ran into her the next day.

Weird! Do I have powers? Can my nickname for the next week please be my previously suggested "Caucadomis?"


jeffrey said...

Yes I think none of us saw the mounting Fredmentum approaching.

I'm not happy with these results but am looking for silver linings. The best I can find there are Hillary's 3rd place and Rudy!'s staggering 4%.

Other than that... well I'm not very happy here.

E said...

jeffrey i like obama. i think you better reexamine him.

he's not perfect, he's no saint, but he's pretty damn good for a major party candidate, wouldn't you say?

have you ever had a major party candidate this viable and this intriguing at the same time?

i like edwards too. unfortunately he's been written out of the script.

i'm happy with the iowa results. i can't wait for obama or edwards to trounce huckabee or romney by 20 or so percentage points in november.

jeffrey said...

What exactly is so "viable and intriguing" about Obama? He's another middle of the road phony... just like every "consensus elite" Democrat we've seen for thirty years now.

There is nothing different about him.

Oh well he has a darker skin color than your typical major party nominee but if that's the one thing that makes him "intriguing" then I think you'd better reexamine that.

In my mind, the Obama cult is not unlike the Ron Paul fanaticism. It seems to be driven by a mass willingness to misunderstand facts for the sake of a neat-o superficiality.

E said...

I'll tell you what is so viable about him:

He can win the presidency.

I'll tell you what is so intriguing about him:

He's about as progressive as any major party presidential candidate since... well, since when, jeffrey?

I like Jon Edwards as well, he was my guy in 2004, but I'm not disappointed by the results last night one bit. Obama is a candidate Democrats will rally around and elect.

What happens after that depends on the ability of base voters to demand that promises are kept. That responsibility would fall to grassroots constituents for President Edwards, President Paul, President Kucinich or whoever else...

jeffrey said...

I'd say he's about as "progressive" as John Kerry.

For the record, I don't like John Edwards... but he was starting to make a feint at pressing a slightly more "progressive" agenda than... John Kerry.

But that was undone by the Hopeful Audacity.

E said...

I'm sorry Dennis Kucinich didn't capitalize on the change wave.