Monday, January 21, 2008

Stock Prices Fall

There's something special about a global financial crisis.

All across the planet, different people have the same pained reaction. It is the worst financial day since Rudy Giuliani, 2001.

From Bloomberg:

"It's the worst I've ever seen,'' said Johan Stein, who helps manage the equivalent of about $14 billion at Nordea Asset Management in Stockholm. "The financial system is in terrible shape, and no one knows where this will end.''
"This is a stock-market crisis,'' said Alberto Roldan, head of research at Inverseguros SVB in Madrid. "Investors believe that neither a government package nor a huge rate cut is going to help evade a recession in the U.S.''
The current lead story on is about a missing college coed.


Everything is fine.


jeffrey said...

What is Sean Payton doing in this collage? Did he lose some fake money today too?

E said...

that german guy does have the same reaction as sean after a run-out-the-clock reverse turns into a fumble.

--I'll out-fox all of them, let's be bullish--

Leigh C. said...

Dan is all ready for the AFC to win a champeenship at da Super Bowl this year. It's said that if that happens, the markets will go up. Go Giants!