Friday, January 18, 2008

Start Your Clocks

We're having our 'green goals' supported.

The C. Ray Nagin:

"I am committed to rebuilding our city stronger. Part of creating a stronger city today lies in creating a greener city."

"Recycling and composting" were listed as short-term goals to be implemented within a year, though the City Council is trying to restore curbside recycling sooner than that, possibly through a contract that also would include Jefferson Parish.

Is it true? How quickly can I get my recycling picked up?

Will it be before or after my stash gets so enormous that I'll be forced to cart it to the Green Project just to get my house off the imminent health threat list?

Please, can we have basic municipal services? I will be so happy if they can have a curbside recycling contract in place by April.

Until then you can turn your empty milk cartons into bird feeders or something.


Will the Mayor anoint New Orleans a mint chocolate city?

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