Friday, January 25, 2008

South Carolina Primary Prediction

Obama: 48%

Clinton: 33%

Edwards: 19%

And Mr. Edwards will have a tougher and tougher decision to make the further back in third he finishes.

Otherwise this race doesn't change much unless Hillary pulls another 180 on the polls. I guess it's not that unrealistic.

And on the Republican side:

I cannot believe this Romney guy. He's ridiculous to me. I clearly have a bizarre fascination. I cannot understand his appeal. How is he a front runner all of a sudden? I thought he was cooked after getting beat in Iowa and New Hampshire where he had all that money. It's pretty much between him and McCain now, right? (Though McCain might have an upper hand) Huckabee is clearly just running for VP now and the more time 9/11 spends with the voters, the more voters opt not to respond to 9/11. I'm just in a daze about it. Is Mitt a cyborg? I'm just trying to understand. Someone has to help me out.

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