Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mr. Edwards, Endorse Barack Obama Today!

He's leaving the Presidential race today. The announcement will be made from the Lower Ninth Ward.

I really admire the campaign he has run and think he'd make a good President.

I think he's making the right decision.

There's one more right decision for him to make.

All of the media reports are indicating that Edwards will NOT make an endorsement today but may do so later.

I hope "later" means sometime later today or tomorrow.
Or I hope it means immediately.

Is there any doubt that he is closer, personally and ideologically, to Mr. Obama than Mrs. Clinton? To me, his choice is obvious. Explain to me how my assumptions are misguided, if you think otherwise. Timing-wise, I don't understand how Mr. Edwards could think his endorsement would have any more value than it does right now, just before the Feb. 5th monster primary. Pushing it any closer to next Tuesday and you risk burying the endorsement in an election day news cycle that won't give proper coverage to anything but will give bad coverage to everything.


jeffrey said...

For the record, I think Edwards would make a pretty crappy President. But, of the big three, he has come the closest to running a decent campaign. Get ready for more pointless sniping between the remaining two until we hit the convention.

Adrastos said...

Edwards needs to take a deep breath and think before endorsing. A hasty endorsement is what fools like Rudy do. I suspect that he'll endorse Obama but he'd be wise to see what he can get in exchange for the endorsement i.e. campaign debt fund raising committments.

Anonymous said...

Valid post. I got a good many pictures and some video from the event today.

mominem said...

I think he'll wait until after Mardi Gras and see which way the wind is blowing, then pledge undying support to the apparent nominee. If he picks one the other will likely hold a grudge. I know Hillary will, and he wants a job in the new administration.