Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Joys of Jefferson Parish

I had to go to the DMV in Metairie. I spent about two hours there.

Two revolting white women sat in front of me at one point and began to converse loudly.

One woman began to tell her friend about this one time her husband woke her up out of bed to go play a prank:

We went to the home depot and there were all these Mexicans there. My husband rolled down the window and said he'd pay $100 a piece for four of 'em to hop in the back of the truck and come build a deck at our house.

Instead of taking them home, we drove to the immigration office. Girl, you should have seen how quick those Mexicans hopped out the truck and ran!

I just could not believe my husband was like "let's go play a mean, dirty trick on some Mexicans!"

At this last comment, the other woman looks at her friend and says:

"you mean illegals"

And the first woman shot her friend a look, like whats the difference...



Karen said...

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go to J.P without earplugs.

jeffrey said...

On the other hand, Menckles and I spent today in JP spending our Christmas gift cards. We had lunch at Phil's Grill. Those are some pretty darn good hamburgers. I think that's how they get the Families Fat in time for the big Fat Family celebration.

Puddinhead said...

I second the Phil's Grill hamburger praise. Strangely enough the Severn neutral ground right across from where Phil's is now was where I saw the biggest drunken Mardi Gras brawl I've ever seen. It started with a barely-able-to-stand guy diving over some other family's kids to land a right on his equally-inebriated loud mouth white trash wife's jaw, the family aspect was well in place even then.

Charlotte said...

That's truly disgusting but I've heard similar sentiments about Mexicans in Orleans Parish. Racism is alive and well everywhere.