Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rudy is a Copy Cat

Adrastos informs us of an excellent reason to hate Rudolph Giuliani.

An excellent reason, indeed. What a prick.

But just in case you weren't aware, Rudy be jocking Michael Huckabee! He totally just copied Mike Huckabee's painfully sentimental video and forced out his own.

Watch this one, which came out just the other day, h/t: attytood:

You can decide for yourselves whether or not Mike Huckabee should be hated for his video. I think it's pretty brilliant as a campaign tactic considering the Huckster's base and image to this point. I still hate him though. The supposedly subliminal cross in the background of the video has stirred controversy.

UPDATE: Dick Polman has an excellent analysis of the Huckabee tactic.

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Anonymous said...

Guliani, or however it's spelled, is an idiot. Huckaby ,or however it's spelled, is a turd. I mean business cuz I hate the word "turd". Ewwwwwwww.....