Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Robert Cerasoli

seemed like a pretty legit human being.

I trust him to do what he says he can do.

I don't think he can do any more than that.

Mr. Cerasoli was honest and forthright in talking to us. He seemed to be genuine in his intentions, and realistic in his goals. I appreciate his pledge to not run away when the going gets tough, his pledge to serve a full tenure.

He certainly gave us some idea of the breadth of challenges he has already faced and what he expects to come up against in the future.

His pledged openness and accessibility to us as citizens was also refreshing.

Thanks to Alan for setting up the event. I found it enlightening and encouraging.

He expressed, and I think I know what he means, that there seems to be some exaggerated understanding of what an Inspector General is and what an Inspector General does. He will not and cannot single-handedly dismantle this government and put it back together. People will not be going to jail left and right. He does not make policy, he is not a prosecutor. He's no dragon-slayer.

But, a flow-chart of who works for city government, in what office, and their salary is an excellent start, no? Having some idea of what the machine even looks like is step one to dismantling it.

Sitting there last night at the coffee shop with my brother and sister bloggers, community activists, etc., you could feel and hear the years and years of pent up frustration and outrage. So many things about this place are broken. More than one person brought up problems occurring in the state legislature, in the state government, on the zoning commission, etc... we're exasperated! We all could have gone on and on until dawn sometime next week. But Mr. Cerasoli really cannot fix these things. He is not our voice in government. He cannot and will not be calling out corruption and incompetence wherever and whenever he sees it.

He does reports and stuff. Stuff you gotta read. This city's government is so archaic and backward, so rotted out by years of ingrained corruption, mismanagement, confusion, and secrecy... Not even the most optimistic can expect a quick turnaround.

Our new IG Mr. Robert Cerasoli is an ally not an army. He will make this government more transparent, the curtain will be drawn back slightly, we will know more about what is wrong.

But it will still be up to us to fix it. That's not "us" the small group of people that keep interested and keep busy; it's the royal "us," all the citizens of New Orleans.

We have got to hold people accountable at the polls. For all the incompetence at City Hall, there has been a great deal of voter incompetence in this city as well. We don't do our jobs either. Twenty percent voter turnout. I agree that that statistic represents something more than the "laziness" Mayor Nagin laments. Yet we must still hold ourselves (the royal ourselves) accountable for the uninspiring cast of candidates that caused us to stay home this fall.

Ideally, our Inspector General will create a flow-chart of how City Hall works.

Who do we ideally want at the top of that flow chart? Let us launch that person's mayoral candidacy by spring time.

I nominate myself.

Just kidding. I'm unethical.


GentillyGirl said...

I wish I could have been there for this, but I was stuck with my contractors finalizing things.

Mr. Cerisoli has a good rep., and I do understand what his job is and the limits upon such a position. I'm happy that the folks who met up with them think he's a good egg... we need that here in New Orleans.

Now we need is to find some good folks for the next election.

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