Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Well, if you watch the video below, you might come to the conclusion that we'll all be water-boarded one of these summers.

Or we might be water-boarded just because... (I got scared and worked overtime so I wouldn't have to decide whether or not verbally assault Miss Jenna Bush when she visited yesterday)

The Senate Judiciary Committee, which is dominated by the supposed rational left, has just voted to send Michael Mukasey to the Senate for a full vote on his nomination for Attorney General.

Mukasey is unsure whether or not waterboarding is illegal.

So our supposed Party, the Democrats have provided another rubber stamp...

When are they going to realize that the overwhelming majority of Americans want them to stop enabling this administration and the neoconservative murder of American ideals?

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that waterboarding is torture and should not be used.

Will Bunch at Attytood weighs in eloquently.

Also I refer you to the political cartoon on page B-6 of the Times-Pic. Sorry I can't find it on their easy to navigate world wide web site.

Update: I forgot to wonder...

Don't y'all think that if the Democrats fought every little Bush proposal tooth-and-nail, even if they were actually being obstructionist terrorist lovers, they might still raise their own anemimc poll numbers? Maybe they should stop being such cowards and try it.

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