Saturday, November 10, 2007


Hillary Clinton responds to harsh questioning from her own campaign staff:

"Will you be a GREAT President or will you be the GREATEST President?"

"Why is your healthcare plan better than those put forth by your rivals?"

"What are some mistakes that the sitting President has made?"

The message here is that Hillary Clinton is "hip" and "youthy." She is not afraid to open up her campaign to spontaneous and candid questioning...

Where did she pick up this trick? Are their any other examples of campaigns corrupting the very sanctity of the Democratic process? I mean, who would plant questioners at a press conference?

Hillary, you've got a double-digit lead. You know that your area of greatest vulnerability is your insider status, the sense that the Bushes and the Clintons are simply different factions of the same corrupt, authoritarian, do-nothing cabal... Do you really need to open yourself up Bush-comparisons by coaching questioners at an event for students who are going to be largely supportive of you?

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