Friday, October 26, 2007

oh yes, a hand please

I'm in the market for a new computer and I'm thinking of switching to a Mac for the first time. I would love to open up the comments section below for some suggestions as to what to do. I'm not quite a computer novice but I ain't no expert....

I'm interested in having video editing capability, and of course, I like to use the internets all day.

Is there a really good reason to double the price of my purchase in order to get a Macbook Pro instead of a regular Macbook?

Would anyone like to convince me to stay with PC?

Does this mean I'm a nerd now?


adrastos said...

I'm a total Mac person who has a pC at work and loathes it. Switch away, E.

I'd go with the laptop that fits your budget or needs. They're both good; one has a bigger keyboard and screen, that's the major diff to me.

The long, long road home,New Orleans said...

I'm a teacher whose district uses MAC. At home I am faithful to PC. One warning for you. If you are attached to the right click abilities of PC's. You will have a difficult time adjusting to MACs. However, I hear MACs have fantastic editing abilities.

Miss Syl said...

Re long, long road's comment about the right-click capability--if you're getting a Mac laptop, all you do is hit ctrl key+click together, and you get your right-click capability. They also make regular and wireless mice (not Apple brand) you can buy that are compatible with Macs that have the standard left and right click functions.

I have been a Mac user all my life at home. At work I've used PCs. Macs are better. Period.

Not sure if the Pro is worth it, unless you're very, very serious about your editing work. The Macbook has basic video editing capability and if you're not thinking of going professional, that's good enough, IMO. But ask around at the Apple store. I've found they are generally honest there and don't try to talk you into things you don't need.

The long, long road home,New Orleans said...

miss syl. Thanks for the tip on right clicking. I think I am going to pick up a mouse that I can bring to work.

Sophmom said...

I've spent a whole lot of time on both (now have PC - work and home - gotta fix that) and, given the choice, it would be a Mac. That said, I've noted that it's easier for a Mac person to pick up a PC than it is for a PC person to pick up a Mac. Have you ever used one? It might be a good idea to take one out for a test drive, if that's possible.

rcs said...

I'm a Mac supporter and LOOOOVE my MacBook. I also run Windows XP via Parallels to do c# development for my day job but all of my personal stuff runs under OS X.

Here's Apple's comparison of the various models. As you can see, larger screens, backlit keyboard, better graphics cards and a faster FireWire port on the Pros. Unless you're doing really high-end stuff I imagine the MacBook would be adequate. Be sure to budget for the maximum amount (2GB) of RAM; it really makes a difference speed- and responsiveness-wise. Also consider snagging a set of the Mini-DVI to DVI/VGA adapters if you go with the MacBook - being able to plug in an external screen to your laptop really increases productivity IMO.

The bundled iMovie/iDVD software is supposed to be very usable for basic video editing, more so than anything available in the PC market.

Also, both of Apple's current mouse offerings (the wired and Bluetooth Mighty Mouse) support right-clicking. Any mouse should work, though, and there are cheaper ones out there.

FINALLY: the Time Machine feature in OS X Leopard makes backing up super-easy; if you don't already have one, DEFINITELY buy an external hard drive to take advantage of it!

E said...

thanks for the advice everybody. i'm ordering a mac hopefully this week!