Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No Kidding. Didn't See It Coming.

Law not clear on takeover of DA's office

I expected this to go so smoothly. I didn't expect Louisiana's archaic and incomplete system of governance to slow this thing up at all.

Is there any issue in this state in which the law is clear?

They do this on purpose to keep the people down!!!!!

I work for a living. Peace.


Adrastos said...

It's just another case of Nagin shooting off his big mouth without thinking. It happens every day...

Leigh C. said...

At least the AG can't come in, technically speaking, and run the DA's office here. It can only be on a basis of assisting with a specific case, not with taking over the workings of the whole shebang.

E said...

How sweet is it that he actually resigned?