Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Could blog at The Lens

I'm going to be blogging at The Lens, with increasing frequency as some of the kinks with the site redesign are ironed out. My hope is to establish a regular intellectualesque conversation that I hope long time and new readers will enjoy. I'll elaborate on that idea later on.

In the mean time, my first post is up now.

Go read the super important things I have to say.


Anonymous said...

Don't like the new comment section on The Lense. Can you make it more like this one?

E said...

What are the differences between your experience as a commenter at the Lens compared to here?

jeffrey said...

I object. "Intellectualesque" is just not something I am prepared to accept as a word. Neither is "Lense", actually.

On the other hand, the verification word on this comment form is "recrolog" I kinda like that one.

Red said...

Wow E, I'm kvelling:) I can truly say I remember when, before Charity Hospital campaign, before this sexy new hype-ass gig that's gonna blow up. Just another step baby! Mazel

Anonymous said...

okay this whole thing with the perry campaign is just getting creepy. to the non-trained eye it seems like you either wanted the job of running this campaign and its just sour grapes our you have a crush on james perry.

there is definitely nothing wrong with you having feelings about another man but it's just reeeeaaally weird that you are so publicly obsessed with this campaign.

it really does creep me out.

E said...

Way to keep it classy, anon. If you don't want to read what I'm writing, go read something else.

G-FUNK said...

ha ha ObamaCare is dead

E said...

Hurray! Pre-existing conditions still grounds for refusal of coverage!

Hurray! Dire long-term deficit remain intact!

Hurray! 30 million Americans remain uninsured.

Hurray! Out of pocket costs for average families will continue to rise!

Great job!

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