Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I was at the courthouse this morning to check out the open of the candidate qualifying period. It was boring, just a stupid media set piece where candidates are filmed walking up steps and answering questions like "why do you want to run for Mayor."

It is exactly like a beauty pageant except all of the contestants are ugly.

Walking the gray carpet today:

For Mayor:

John Georges
Troy Henry
James Perry
Leslie Jacobs
Nadine Ramsey
Rob Couhig

For Council:

Cynthia Hedge-Morrell (D)
Susan Guidry (A)
Cynthia Willard-Lewis (At-Large)
Kristin Palmer (C)
Tom Arnold (C)
Jay Batt (A)

Also qualifying, though I must have missed them:

Mitch Landrieu (Mayor), Nolan Marshall III (At-Large), Jackie Clarkson (At-Large), Cindi Nguyen (E), Jerrelda Drummer-Sanders (E), Nathaniel Jones (C), William "Poppa" Gant (At-Large)

Georges had sign-wavers in the neutral ground for the entirety of his visit and rolled up with what was by far, the largest entourage.

He also brought his friend, some dude named Jerry Jacobs.

Jerry Jacobs is running for Mayor at the behest of Georges and former State Rep. Sherman Copelin to distract voters intending to vote for Leslie Jacobs. He qualified today. His name will be on the ballot.

Copelin and Georges telegraphed the move at a meeting of the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee last week so it came as no surprise to the Jacobs campaign.

(Update: In fact, the Jacobs campaign press flack, Cheron Brylski included this tidbit in a Krewe of Truth e-blast today.)

Not that it would come as much of a surprise to anybody...


Papa Bear said...

soooooooo, where's Arnie?

Think he'll wait till the last moment?

mominem said...

Virginia Blanque(A)?

Anonymous said...

As some one who works in/with the NP sector I was not pleased with how the Lt. Governor announced his candidacy. I can only assume Cafe Reconcile did not know since this could actually be a major problem for them.
The IRS is very strict on this point. From their website:
When a 501(c)(3) invites a candidate to speak in a non‑candidate capacity (for instance, when he or she is a public figure), the 501(c)(3) need not provide equal access to all political candidates—providing the organization ensures that:

*The individual is chosen to speak solely for reasons other than candidacy for public office,
*The individual speaks only in a non‑candidate capacity,
*Neither the individual nor any representative of the organization mentions the speaker’s candidacy or the election,
*No campaign activity occurs in connection with the candidate’s attendance, and
*The organization maintains a nonpartisan atmosphere on the premises or at the event where the candidate is present.

Landrieu's actions could jepordize their 501(c)3 status if some one wanted to make a stink.

I mean the IRS isn't just strict on 501c3's campaining. The Prohibition of political campaigning is ABSOLUTE!

When a sign says, "No Running. No Diving. NO PEEING." The last one is in big bold letters for a reason. Because that one will get you Kicked Out!

This really REALLY turned me off on Landrieu. Who after meeting in person a few weeks back I stood up and clapped for when some one said he should run for mayor. Because he either disregarded this IRS fact with knowledge and is thereby an AHole by definition. Or either didn't know or didn't think about it and therefore is a Stupid Ahole.

Also, all I can say is now when I see him on TV I don't just see those turnip-green plugs on the top of his head, but those weird screen-door screen-holes on the side of his head as well.



Is it true that you were introduced by Georges to Jerry Jacobs and that you know for sure he's in bed with Georges and Sherman (the shark) Copeland? Or is Jerry Jacobs for real. I just talked to him and he denies being associated with Georges and Copeland, but still had nothing bad to say about either one. That makes me very suspicious. Let me know.


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