Thursday, August 13, 2009

Questions for Congressman Cao

I'm in Pittsburgh and unfortunately will be missing Congressman Cao's event tonight in my Irish Channel neighborhood.

Thursday, August 13th
Neighborhood Association Meeting
Irish Channel Christian Fellowship
819 First Street
New Orleans, LA
7pm-8pm CST

Here is what I would ask him about healthcare if I could.

1. Does Congressman Cao support extending the opportunity to create living wills to medicare recipients?

2. Does Congressman Cao support an individual mandate that would require all Americans to carry health insurance?

3. Does Congressman Cao support expanding medicare eligibility and/or increasing subsidies to help poor people afford insurance?

4. Does Congressman Cao support requiring employers to contribute to the health insurance costs of their employees?

5. Does Congressman Cao support changing incentive systems to reward quality of care over quantity?

6. Does Congressman Cao support regulating the private insurance industry to prohibit companies from denying coverage for preexisting conditions?

7. Does Congressman Cao support health insurance exchanges where consumers could compare costs and benefits of different insurance plans?

8. Does Congressman Cao support establishing a public option insurance plan to compete with the private insurance industry?

9. Does Congressman Cao believe that the House is proposing the creation of 'death panels?'

Congressman Cao has developed the habit of not taking positions on issues (think stimulus) before he votes the reactionary position with his Party's leaders. It is important that meeting attendees make a real effort to force Mr. Cao to explain what he believes, how he plans to vote, and why.


Papa Bear said...

He'll be in Westwego on the 18th and in Algiers on the 20th.

BeverlyRevelry said...

His answer to all questions--except pertaining to abortion or the remote possibility thereof--was along the order of, "It's complicated; you can read it online; I'll get that information and get back to you," (shades of SarahP.)