Thursday, July 30, 2009


Single-payer is what I want. Public option is what I'll settle for.

Nate Silver parses poll numbers and makes the case for the popularity of expanding medicare wholesale.

Jeff Cohen says liberal groups blew it.


Editilla the Pun said...

shoulda woulda coulda,
3 blind mice in the lobby of the better mousetrap theater, ticket takers fo'da popcorn makers always darkest before the big surprise.

Clay said...

You'll like this:

Clay said...

(Calling out Republicans on "government-run health care")

E said...

I DID like that!

Senator Weiner anyone?

Clay said...

New Yorkers in his district like to scream "THAT'S MY WEINER" whenever he comes on the TV. Very entertaining.

He's also a pretty good guy, too.

Anonymous said...

Both the heavy-duty liberals and the heavy-duty are guilty of talking completely past the other and of not possibly imagining the shortcomings in their own approach. Having said that one must acknowledge that, yes, the heavy-duty conservatives do outnumber the heavy-duty liberals in this country, for better or for worse and that Congress is only going to do what the groundswell of public opinion spells out. People want reform of health care *when asked*, yes indeed. Are people really bombarding Congress to do something, like they did with the "do not call" list?

Editilla the Pun said...

Wow! Clay! That just made my day!
And of course he is another Fighting 9th'er!
Oh that we all had such Weiners!
Please pardon the Exclamation Marks!!!
I always forget that it was the Progressives who put the pee back in Politics!