Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jindal Declares GOP Problems Solved

This is some combination of hilarious and pathetic.

From his speech tonight at a fundraiser for House Republicans, according to CNN:

"Let’s agree on this tonight, the time for talking about the past is now over," Jindal told 1,200 people attending a House GOP fundraiser here in Washington. "It has been healthy for Republicans to look in the mirror. It has been healthy for us to realize and admit the mistakes of the past. We have done that quite a bit. I personally have done that quite a bit since the election last fall. It’s now been close to five months since the last election.

It seems to me that acknowledging the disconnect with the American people that precipitated two straight electoral blowouts is precisely the thing that Republicans are incapable of coming together to do.

But I guess just saying that the Party has already changed is pretty much the same as actually thinking about what those changes . . . um . . . would have needed to have been?

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