Wednesday, February 04, 2009

City Hall Party Tomorrow

Big day at City Council tomorrow. The docket:

1. Fielkow offers an ordinance that would subject competitively bid contract reviews to public meetings laws and make the contracts themselves into public records.

2. Midura and Head offer an ordinance that would require the Mayor to reconcile administration take-home car policy to conform to existing legal limits.

These items will likely be taken up in the early afternoon.


Civitch said...

And rumor has it that the mysterious "forces of non-progress" are trying to block both of these efforts, so come to the meeting if you can, and if you can't, email ALL the council members with your words of support.

Jeffrey said...

I didn't make it over there, but I did send emails to all the councilmembers--looks like we got both of the ordinances past!

Now we get to see if Nagin can abide by these mandates...